Chin! Chin! Salud! Na zdrowie!

blue fence 2

I would like to make a toast!  Thank you for visiting my blog and coming on this journey with me!  May your cup never be empty and I hope you can thank me for filling it up with something meaningful.    Come and join me on my inspirational journey to fill my cup with all things good.  This is not an easy task for everyone including me and it just doesn’t come natural to many, as I can attest.   I’ve spent my whole life walking around this Earth with  a half empty and even sometimes barren cup.  I’ve been mislead at times and even took my own wrong turns.  I was naive, self-centered, and bitter along this journey.  Well, to be completely fair to myself, I was also kind, non-judgemental, and open minded- at times.  The main thing is that I did not always stay on track and I did not always trust that there was someone there to help, support, and guide me.  I struggled with loneliness and emptiness.  I filled my cup with good deeds, kind words, thoughts, and just the right kind of prayer.  This is what changed my life and brought me as close to Grace as ever.   I am no religious expert, psychologist, or guru, by any means but maybe my story will give you some guidance and support that I was missing.  I hope that you will join me on my journey of spills and fills!  God grant us grace, peace, and joy.

Chin! Chin! My friend!

Doesn’t it feel good to not be alone!

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